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Jesus Green Friends Meet for Felixstowe Sea Swim

    Sea swimmers at Felixstowe beach

    The Friends of Jesus Green Lido have an annual tradition of visiting Felixstowe, for a swim in the sea, to mark the end of the summer season.

    This year there was a great turnout of approximately forty keen swimmers. We congregated at 11 0’clock at the Fludyers Hotel for morning coffee and then excitedly made our way to the beach by the beautiful, colourfully painted beach huts to change.

    The chatter and the laughter mingled with the seagulls and the spray from the waves as we dove into the water. Although the sky was grey the water was balmy and reinvigorating.

    After our swim we had the privilege of being addressed by the Mayor of Felixstow, Seamus Bennet, (brother of Caroline, one of the Friends of Jesus Green Lido). The Mayor had made flapjacks to welcome us to this delightful seaside town and congratulated us on our Lido’s centenary.  It was a very jolly and hospitable affair.

    Afterwards we sauntered along the promenade for fish and chips and wound up the day with afternoon tea. It was a delightful day of camaraderie and fun!