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Have you seen our poolside penguins?

    A trio of penguins have appeared poolside, complete with cossies, hats and goggles!

    The crochet critters were created and installed by the Cambridge Yarn Collective as part of Jesus Green Lido’s centenary celebrations.

    Sophie Neville, Dorothy Singer, Clare Collier and Hilary Butler set up the Cambridge Yarn Collective six years ago after working on a project for Cambridge Junction.

    The penguins first appeared on Jesus Green’s tennis courts to raise awareness about their status as endangered species. They’re now enjoying the summer at Jesus Green Lido together with balloons, ice creams and sounds.

    “We loved the idea of a second outing for the penguins having a party at the lido with all the other swimmers, so we dressed them in swimsuits including an African flag for the African penguin and a pair of classic 1980s Speedos for the gentoo penguin,” says Dorothy.

    To make the penguin pool party go with a swing, they crocheted drinks, lollies, an ice cream, a plate of fish, a beach ball and a radio for some summer music. They put 100 on the balloons, added a sun and a reminder to apply sun protection.

    “We love being able to make big artworks that get shown publicly, for free, for all to enjoy. We love making colourful, joyful artworks that make people smile. And we love working with friends, collaborating and being creative to come up with new fun art.”

    Installing the penguins was their first visit to the Lido, Dorothy adds. “Seeing it so busy and enjoyed by so many on a hot day really tempted us to dip a toe in the water, so we’ll come back to swim with the penguins over the summer.”

    If you’ve got a creative idea to make Jesus Green Lido look even lovelier, drop us a line via our contact page.